Antipasto Anyone?

Antipasto Anyone?

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Antipasto is the entree to your meal. But honestly, its sometimes delicious to eat antipasto for dinner. Who doesn't love dips, bread, prosciutto and cheese?
What you’ll be getting in your antipasto box:

- Cold meats (Prosciutto, Salami, Ham)
- Crackers/Biscuits
- 1 x dip
- 1 x block of cheese - Feta or Goats
- 1 x small wheel of brie or cambert
- 1 x container of marinated veg

You will receive a bit more of above when ordering for larger amount of people

We do cater to dietary requirements. Let us know in the form if you have any dietary requirements or allergies. If you do not tell us, we will make the box according to normal.

We offer gift wrapping, please let us know in the form!

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