The Chocolate Indulgence (Dessert)

The Chocolate Indulgence (Dessert)

from 45.00

We already have a Dessert Grazing but sometimes you just need to splurge out with chocolate. The Chocolate Indulgence comes with chocolate of course, strawberries and some of our popular homemade desserts:

- Mocha Mousse Cups
- Chocolate Cannoli
-Peanut Butter Panna Cotta with Chocolate Sauce

Other products included in the box:

- 1 x Block of Chocolate
- 3 x Chocolate Doughnuts
- 6 x Different Chocolate Confectionery treats
- 5 x Strawberries
- 5 x Cherries
You will receive a bit more of above when ordering for larger amount of people

We do cater to dietary requirements. Let us know in the form if you have any dietary requirements or allergies. If you do not tell us, we will make the box according to normal.

We offer gift wrapping, please let us know in the form!

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